The name Evok came to me in 2004. I was looking for a name for the brand of my design works, so then I went and picked up one of my dictionaries on my study table where I normally needed for translation, so I said to the dictionary "show me the name." I thumbed through random pages, and the first word came out was EVOKE.

The meaning of EVOKE in the Cambridge English Dictionary is "to make someone remember something or feel an emotion." The definition was as beautiful as a poem in its motivation, direction, creation and soul.


3D Bonsai

Stackable 3D Bonsai, specially designed with Golden ratio, where you able to place different sizings together to form different formats of design plateform at your lounge/diningroom/kitchen/studio/shops--lot of places, as long as it has bright light at the room, so you able to enjoy the 3D Bonsai inside your living space. (Please note that its not suitable for outside in the rain. But suitable for sheltered patio, where it doesn't get rain.) Watering: just get a spray bottle, when in the morning you having your coffee, just pick the bottle and give some spay at the leaves, at the root, not much, just a few sprays, it will make them happy please do not hesitate to email us to send us your plant, we will happily share our information of how to take care of the plants. We will get more of the plants in the future (may be some wild orchids!!!), please enquire.

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Please send us inquiries by email and share your input--we welcome your ideas :). You may also call or text Wayne at 0727552511.